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The Elmwood Village Association's mission is to work with neighborhood residents and business owners to improve the quality of life in the community. Our efforts make the Elmwood Village a more attractive place to live, work, visit, and invest in. Our association is made up of a board of directors, a small staff, and - most importantly - community volunteers. We need your help!

It's easy to get involved:

Join a committee! See committee list below or sign up here.

Volunteer! Sign up here to assist with special events, beautification, and communication efforts.

Stay informed and be vocal!  Read the EVA website and e-newsletters(sign-up here) to keep up on news affecting the community, and give your thoughts and feedback via our website, email, Facebook, or by calling our office.


The role of the Design Committee is to aid in the rehabilitation and preservation of historic buildings, encourage new construction, and implement community design guidelines all with the overarching goal of improving the streetscape. The Design Committee is concerned with the way that individuals interact with their built environment and strive to make living in or visiting the Elmwood Village a great experience for all. To see more about the Design Committee and current Design Committee projects, click here.

The role of the Economic Development Committee is to identify, support and implement initiatives that will help strengthen the economic health of the commercial district and its surrounding residences. Recent initiatives by the Economic Development Committee include building tools for businesses to use, from demographic tools and consumer behavior surveys to business model improvement classes, developing a listing system for property owners in the Elmwood Village, implementing models for keeping money local, and identifying infrastructure needs and pursuing solutions. To get involved with the Economic Development Committee, fill out a volunteer form here and specify your interest in Economic Development.

The role of the Marketing Committee is to promote the Elmwood Village as a destination for shopping, culinary creations, entertainment, and culture using a variety of media outlets including print, online, mobile, radio, and TV. Current Marketing Committee initiatives include improving the EVA's use of electronic media, from social media sites to mobile apps, and establishing/reinforcing the Elmwood Village as a shopping and cultural destination by focusing on local PR, creating business cards, rethinking the EV Map & Guide's current design, while also exploring advertising in Southern Ontario. To get involved with the Marketing Committee, fill out a volunteer form here and specify your interest in Marketing.

The role of the Neighborhoods Committee is to maintain community safety, enhance neighborhood health and aesthetics, and promote responsible property stewardship and government accountability by developing connections with community and block club leaders to create a closer knit community and to get more residents and community members involved. To get involved with the Neighborhoods Committee, fill out a volunteer form here and specify your interest in Neighborhoods. You are also welcome to join our Facebook group where we regularly post community updates and volunteer opportunities.


The EVA is in need of volunteers for the following events and initiatives: Envelope stuffing for appeals and mailings, table staffing (Farmers Market, summer concerts, and summer festivals), setting-up for special events (summer concerts, Mass Appeal, and holiday events), beautifying the neighborhood (through gardening, scheduled clean-ups, etc.), and more. Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to fill out our volunteer form, call us at 716.881.0707, or stop by our office in-person at 875 Elmwood Avenue.